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We’re passionate about design. We also love fancy coffee, homemade bread, craft beer, live music, and lively intellectual discourse! We’re people first and that’s why we love creating environments where people can live, work and play in harmony.


Driven. Creative. Empathetic.
It brings me joy to create beautiful and memorable places and to bring concepts to life. I love working on ambitious projects and projects that don't follow a prescribed formula or approach. I love testing new design processes and challenging myself and the team to come up with something better and worthy of the opportunities that a project may present. Innovative materials, lighting, forms, and construction technologies are all areas of interest and pushing the boundaries of each is extremely rewarding.
Bookworm. Optimist. Creative Problem Solver.
Meaningful experiences can be triggered by the space, an activity, or most often, the people around me. Recently, while enjoying a frosty beverage with my family in a shady courtyard, a neighbor turned on a bubble machine from their balcony. This simple act of whimsy elevated the moment into something truly memorable. As an architect, I seek to incorporate those little details that transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Thoughtful. Active. Curious.
Visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut at sunrise is one of my most memorable experiences. Learning about it in architecture school and then visiting an ancient site that still felt so contemporary was a perfect reminder of the transcendence of great design.
Intensive. Sarcastic. Partier.
A recent favorite experience was traveling with my sons Clayton and Jared to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt (Jerusalem, Eilat, Petra, Cairo, Giza, Aswan, and Luxor). A long overdue escape to the ancient world seeing and experiencing everything we could.
Curious. Listener. Always Hungry.
Becoming a parent changed my life in every way. It affects my outlook, decision-making, relationships, and perspective. I often ask myself how my decisions and actions today affect the world my child will live in?
Observer. Intellectually Curious. Cheerful.
Recently I visited an obscure, small public garden that is known for its spring tulips, a visual delight of color and texture. Then discovered an adjacent local café where my family had brunch outside and watched people walk by.
Structural. Chilled. Geek Nerd.
My most meaningful experience is doing activities with loved ones. Moving my body is how I deal with stress: hiking, climbing, swimming, etc. Exploring new places including cities and nature always inspires me to reflect on what I'm practicing and how I apply them to our real world.
Creative. Kind. Typography Nerd.
I am happiest when I am playing my violin and/or participating in musical theater! The pandemic and living in a tiny apartment didn’t afford many opportunities to do so, but with the future looking brighter and being in a new house, I hope to do more of both!
Attentive. Goofy. Curious.
DIY renovations at my home is the most rewarding and meaningful experience for me. I love learning new skills, working with others, and ultimately creating a beautiful, functional home for me and my family!
Balanced. Accurate. Timely.
“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
Detail-Oriented. Devoted. Quirky.
Travel is the most meaningful experience for me. I love experiencing a new place with people I care about. I enjoy observing others interact with a space, finding hidden details, and creating my own stories for human traces left on the built environment. Now I get the added joy of experiencing a place through my children’s eyes.
Ardent. Loyal. Exploratory.
My most meaningful experience comes from wanderlust as I dream about my next adventure - and now it includes the experiences I share with my loved ones.
Adventurous. Investigative. Lover of Rain.
Being outdoors brings me joy and peace. Hiking to a glacial lake for a swim in the sunshine is my favorite activity.
Caring. Fun-Loving. Grateful.
I enjoy spending time with family playing board/card games, watching movies, going to the beach, and enjoying Disney. My newest, and favorite, adventure is cruising. I recently experienced the new Disney Dream cruise ship that set sail for the first time in July 2022. It’s an experience that I will never forget. I was blessed to see my 86-year-old father enjoy sailing for the first time since he was in the U.S. Navy. I am grateful for my family!
Empathetic. Rebellious. Dreamer.
Adventures! I find the most meaningful experiences when I escape my normal routine through travel, and exploration—just life in full immersion! Travel makes my world bigger and expands my mind and imagination to accept new understandings, possibilities, and inspiration. I can't think of anything more meaningful to me than that.
Is there biking?
A friend once said to me, “You are always making connections and comparisons; and saying things like, 'This is like that.' or 'That reminds me of this.'" My most meaningful experiences are discovering how ideas, objects, places, and people are related; seeing each of them in a new light by experiencing them together and making connections.
Loyal. Fierce. Resilient.
As someone who has trouble sitting still, I seek activities where I can actively exercise my body and mind to keep my soul smiling. Cycling on and off mountainous trails with my husband, random dance parties, or diving into elusive discussions are not only "hobbies" but ripples in time with those I cherish and value; memorable stamps in my passport.
Curious. Passionate. Adventurous.
I love the feeling in the winter when the air is so cold it kind of burns your chest. For me, it brings with it a sense of clarity and peace. After a walk in this weather, especially at the beach, there is nothing like warming back up with Haitian hot chocolate and bread, especially with family and friends.
Homebody. Independent. Truthful.
Leaving the concrete of the city and spending time with family and all the joy that brings. Rainbows, fresh air, bleating noises of sheep, and fresh eggs daily.
Introvert. Introspective. Creative.
I enjoy creating and experiencing new worlds and settings through reading, writing, storytelling, gaming, etc. and connecting those with real life experiences and places. I also enjoy discovering new music and sharing it with others. Collecting and figuring out fun ways to display and organize data is my jam!
Patient. Inquisitive. Empathetic.
Spending time with my family, traveling, eating, and having great laughs before my children move to new cities gives me the most joy in life!
Ambitious. Outdoorsy. Sarcastic.
I love exploring new places on foot! Whether that is my weekend trail run in a local park or a backpacking trip across the country, nothing brings me as much joy as challenging myself in the outdoors while discovering new sights that can only be seen by going off the beaten path.
Advocate. Altruistic. Jovial.
I’m an avid traveler. I’m quite meticulous about it - ask anyone who’s seen an itinerary. When COVID hit, I became a Dad, and traveling was on pause. This may not be a stone villa on the coast of Croatia, but if the Delaware shore can create this smile, it's the place I want to be.
Artistic. Creative. Inventive.
My most meaningful experience was winning the judges choice in my High School talent show when I was in 8th grade. I had just moved to the United States and for the first time, it gave me a taste of the American Dream. In a foreign country where I felt like I didn't belong, this experience taught me that with hard work, I could achieve anything I put my mind to.
Unflappable. Curious. Virgo.
While I despise the notion of a drive-thru tree, the fact that this tree is still thriving and striving is wondrous to me! The strength and beauty of nature is marvelous to see and gather around.
Persistent. Driven. Quirky.
It is the work that I do to better my West Philadelphia community that I find the most rewarding. In a world filled with so much greed, there is something fundamentally wholesome about working with neighbors to solve a problem. It’s that same desire to make an impact that drives my passion as an Architect.
Creative. Tenacious. Story-lover.
My most meaningful experiences are visiting new places both real and imagined!
Insightful. Patient. Sensitive.
Making and cherishing memories are what allow us to experience love and joy. On a summer trip to Seattle, with the sole purpose of playing Pokémon Go, I ended up touring a brilliant city of blue skies, art, and delicious seafood as well as rare in-game achievements. I met and shared stories with countless AR players all over the world. What a beautiful, yet mindless, little mobile gotcha game.
Friendly. Curious. Bold.
I enjoy climbing and being outdoors with loved ones. It allows me to escape from the day-to-day sameness and to try new things.
Focused. Creative. Passionate.
I love exploring new cities - the culture, the people, the food, and the feel of the streets. Since starting a family, I have not had the opportunity to travel as much as I'd like, but I hope to share my passion with them in the future!
Intrigued. Creative. Hopeful.
I find tremendous joy in the creative act of design and making. Whether through painting, printmaking, drawing, woodworking, music, or architecture, these forms of expression captivate me. I am constantly seeking new avenues to explore and refine my creative process. Sharing this journey with fellow artists adds an intriguing dimension to life. However, above all, my ultimate happiness stems from spending time with my family. Their support and inspiration amplify my creativity, validating the choices I make.
Insightful. Empathetic. Curious.
I always find meaning in the flow of the sketching process. I tend to get lost in it and the drawings almost create themselves. Through this analytical process I'm able to connect with a part of the built or natural environment around me. These experiences also remind me of the immortal words of Carl Sagan and Alan Watts, that we are the universe experiencing itself.
Adventurous. Conscientious. Cerebral.
Adventuring in national parks, forests, or at places of significant historical interest always results in meaningful experiences for me.
Creative. Observant. Thoughtful.
A 2017 family trip to Italy was a meaningful experience with lasting memories. The architecture and design across the different cities in Italy drew me closer to the interior design profession! My family and I made so many great memories during that trip that we still talk about to this day. I definitely want to go back one day when I get the chance!
Observant. Traveler. Gamer.
Some of my most meaningful experiences involve observing nature with someone else. Whether it's enjoying a sunset on the beach or working in the yard, each moment shared with someone special is unforgettable. Even sitting on the porch listening to the rain is a cherished experience when shared with others.
Open-minded. Empathetic. Enthusiastic.
I find solace and joy at the Jersey Shore, where I often bike around the island with my family. My connection to this place deepened during my college years when I worked at a donut shop there for two summers. It's a meditative retreat for me, and I love immersing myself in sketching houses and beach scenes in my spare moments.
Learner. Observer. Pleasure-seeker.
I find the most meaningful experiences when I get out of my norm and find some novelty that appeals to my senses. It opens me up to inspiration and new ideas. This often means going somewhere close to nature where I can find space to breathe.
Adventurous. Inquisitive. Thorough.
My favorite experiences typically happen deep in nature with my three favorite people!
Resourceful. Mindful. Seriously Chill.
One of the most meaningful experiences I've had was taking my son Nico to see his family in Nicaragua for the first time. My wife is from there and her whole family lives there. Family is important to both of us as well as teaching our kids about travel and seeing the world.
Warmhearted. Reliable. Optimistic.
One of my most meaningful experiences was traveling to Mexico with my family to visit Chichen Itza. A significant aspect of my life is that I am adopted from Guatemala and have Mayan lineage, so seeing the Mayan architecture and a small glimpse of the culture was a fantastic experience. I would love to travel more to experience all the world's different cultures. Besides traveling the world, going out and enjoying nature brings me great joy.
Compassionate. Careful. Nurturing.
Cynical. Persnickety. History Nerd.
I find joy and meaning in exploring new destinations and am constantly on the lookout for fresh experiences. So far, my absolute favorite location on the planet is Rome, owing to its remarkable fusion of history with a lively, contemporary, and chaotic urban hub. It was in Rome that I first developed a fondness for the bustling city lifestyle. I aspire to instill a love of travel in my two children and wish for them to feel as stimulated and invigorated as I did journeying with my parents.
Inventive. Empathetic. Curious.
My favorite experience is watching others have meaningful experiences in spaces I helped create. This can be in a professional sense when I see a client using a space we created together, or in a personal way when I see loved ones engaging in our shared world.
Resourceful. Loyal. Private.
What brings me joy is spending time on my deck with my dog Chico.
Committed. Storyteller. Fixer.
Travel always brings a sense of wonder, be it to the streets of New York or the mountains of Africa. I’m transported differently when working with my hands, renovating old buildings and honoring the work of those before me. More than anything, I’m moved by the engaged, compassionate adults my children have become.
Organized. Energetic. Open-minded.
I love to go hiking and one of my favorite places to go around Pittsburgh is Breakneck Falls in McConnells Mill State Park. It is never the same, yet always beautiful.
Consistent. Trustworthy. Happy.
I find joy in experiencing the breathtaking wonders of our world. These moments of feeling small in comparison to our vast universe always leave me in awe.
Patient. Meticulous. Playful.
My most meaningful experience has been witnessing the growth of my children. I really love showing them new things and seeing where their sense of discovery and creativity takes them. They offer me new perspectives and always keep it interesting!
Intentional. Mischievous. Whimsical.
I love losing track of time, or rather, when time loses track of me! It sets the stage for conversations to run deep and dinners to run long. It’s the place of cloud watching, joy spotting, and storm chasing. The first step in a truly meaningful experience is pausing to have one!
Passionate. Attentive. Reliable.
Recently, an impromptu opportunity to take one more peek below the surface led me to go diving with a stranger in Maui. As we descended, the songs of the whales grew, the turtles gathered, and sharks navigated the sunken wharf, which is now a reef. Only 40 feet below the surface, a whole world existed unknown to nearby swimmers, boats, and beach-going crowds. The peace found in that short window of discovery continues to rejuvenate me.
Sedulous. Inquisitive. Loyal.
While studying abroad, I spent a night at the Italian monastery used in "The English Patient." One morning, my friends and I woke up early to take photos and witnessed a stunning view of hot air balloons passing over us. This moment encapsulates my love for travel, food, friends, architecture, photography, and the unexpected joys that come with experiencing the world.
Beauty-Seeker. Maker. Nature-Explorer.
On a recent trip to Portugal, I stumbled across a "Good things" shop. Intrigued, I entered to find a beautiful space filled with handmade objects, coffee, and a friendly owner who shared with me her love for Porto. Places and people are the basic ingredients of meaningful experiences.
Weird. Observant. Mixer.
I have a passion for outdoor activities and staying active, whether it's hiking, doing yard work, playing golf, or enjoying a cold beverage in a beer garden. I'm eager to discover more of the local trails in Durham. One of my favorite hiking spots is the John Heinz Wildlife Preserve in Philadelphia, where you can forget you're in the city and enjoy the sight of swans, ducks, and other wildlife while walking through the marshy terrain.
Artistic. Adventurous. Dedicated.
My most meaningful experiences have been created when traveling or while being outdoors in nature, particularly when witnessing sunrises! Growing up with travel enthusiast parents meant having the opportunity to spend every summer vacation exploring new places. Among these, my fondest memories revolve around exploring historical cities around the world. There's an inexplicable allure to immersing oneself in spaces crafted centuries ago showcasing impeccable technical craftsmanship, with far less technology than we currently enjoy. Always makes me marvel at the endless possibilities with what we have now.
Creative. Thorough. Ambitious.
I enjoy anything that includes family and friends, being active, sports, friendly competition, Penn State, delicious food and drinks, or dogs. My husband and I both come from big immediate families, so my most meaningful experiences are usually times when we can all get together, which is a feat in and of itself. Count it as an extra good time if our dog Luna can join in on the fun.
Creative. Laidback. Adventurous.
I have a variety of interests that I love to pursue, including painting, drawing, traveling, road trips, driving fast, and being near or on the ocean. I relish traveling off the beaten path, exploring diverse cultures and terrains, and engaging in activities such as riding ATVs, snorkeling, and cliff jumping. Being near or on the ocean is particularly rejuvenating for me, and I always book a day trip on a boat whenever I travel to waterfront locations. In my downtime, I tend to my garden or host outdoor gatherings for family and friends.
Active. Quiet. Planner.
I am an urban explorer. I enjoy going to new cities and learning about them on foot; past, present, and future. I enjoy experiencing both the natural and built environment and how they intertwine. I like riding the train or sitting in a coffee shop to get a feel for a place. I am fascinated by landmarks, tasting local foods, and going to baseball games as I am trying to visit every MLB ballpark.
Optimistic. Quirky. Sincere.
This Earth has been here long before us and will be here long after we're gone. My joy comes from immersion in my environment. Letting nature speak for itself and understanding the right time for intervention has taught me patience and rewarded me with stunning surprises: roses over a century old that bloom into late fall, native herbs that hint at an apothecary garden, an explosion of praying mantises to adorn my home with luck.
Visionary. Compassionate. Witty.
One of my most meaningful experiences was walking up a mountain in Lake Como to see the sunset with my friends. Little side adventures like this are my favorite part of traveling and I hope to travel more, whether with friends or family!
Eager. Adventurous. Organized.
Cherokee, my childhood horse, profoundly influenced my growth. She taught me responsibility, accountability, and the importance of embracing a childlike mindset. With her, I discovered the value of relaxation and patience, as well as the joy of teaching others. Cherokee's intuition amazed me; she always knew how to uplift me on difficult days. She strengthened the bond within my family and left an indelible mark on my life. It's truly remarkable how deeply an animal can impact our existence.
Observant. Quick-witted. Optimistic.
I firmly believe that serving others is the price we pay for our existence on earth. I dedicate a significant amount of my personal time to volunteering with multiple organizations and non-profit boards/committees. Of these, my role on the National Board of Trustees for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation is particularly meaningful. As a member of a passionate community, we strive towards finding cures and enhancing the quality of life for those affected by Crohn's and colitis.
Light-hearted. Aesthete. Observer.
Life is short so find that place that makes you feel the most alive.
Inquisitive. Cheerful. Authentic.
Some of my most meaningful experiences have been centered around exploring both the natural and built world. What really makes those moments even more special is when I get to share them with my friends and family.
Mindful. Inspired. Playful.
I enjoy exploring Moraine State Park, and it's a bonus if my father joins. While I enjoy the challenges of a hike or kayak session, the most meaningful moments are when I get to hear stories from my dad of his own childhood memories in the park. It’s a place I feel strong roots in.
Curious. Hungry. Athletic.
My most meaningful experiences are created when traveling with my family.
Creative. Detail-Oriented. Experiencer.
I love to wander aimlessly and observe the minutiae of people's lives on the street. During a visit to a random residential area in Japan, I was moved by the exquisite gardens, delicate greenery, and culturally significant decorations I saw. Passersby were greeted warmly by homeowners sharing their creations. These experiences remind me that the spaces we design enrich lives, and that unseen warmth is the soul of the material world.
Ethical. Curious. Advocate.
Recently, I enjoyed a trip with my brother through the American Southwest, and we took in the colorful sunrise over Zion National Park. Sharing time with family outdoors fills me with joy, and I hope this year brings even more adventures with my family.
Kinetic. Charismatic. Compassionate.
Watching the warm glow and evolving quality of light at sunset is one of my favorite experiences. It slows the world down, sparks the imagination, and inspires meaningful conversations—especially when paired with engaging people, delicious food, and a crackling fire.

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