Sustainability + Wellness

Strada is Committed to Urban Regeneration

Strada is dedicated to creating healthy, sustainable places for people while protecting our environment. We integrate these elements into our designs and continuously enhance our knowledge of tools and resources to achieve this goal.

Strada’s commitment to urban regeneration—one of our core values—supports a sustainable future. Through urban, historic preservation, and adaptive reuse projects, we inherently reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts. Our designs aim to take these projects to the next level by integrating sustainable and healthy design principles.

Strada is organized to optimize green practices in several ways:
  • Our expertise encompasses architecture, interior design, planning, and landscape architecture, which enables our firm to implement green practices across disciplines.
  • Strada team members maintain accreditations through the US Green Building Council, FitWell, Green Building Initiative, International WELL Building Institute, Passive House, and the International Living Future Institute.
  • Strada is a signatory to the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Materials Pledge.
  • We understand and appreciate the value of adaptive reuse of existing buildings, interiors, and sites. It is usually more sustainable to use what already exists than to build from scratch.
  • We partner with trusted consultants who understand our sustainability goals and consistently help us develop and implement innovative solutions.
  • We assist clients in understanding how to create more sustainable places for people and the opportunities to achieve certification for their stewardship. Regardless of certification goals, Strada remains dedicated to integrating WELL principles, regenerative design, and sustainable strategies into our projects.
We strive to minimize our environmental impact every day by:
  • Locating our offices in urban centers; 75% of our team uses public transit, walks, or uses bicycles to get to work
  • Being a bike-friendly employer
  • Using car-sharing services for project visits not accessible via public transit
  • Using electronic documents for invoicing and construction administration
  • Recycling, composting, and prohibiting single-use plastic within our studios
  • Encouraging staff to attain sustainability accreditation and keep current on best practices
  • Fostering a healthy environment within our studio through the integration of live plants and promoting wellness activities
  • Implementation of a Sustainable Operations Plan and Healthy Material Action Plan
  • Promoting active studio engagement through our SWell (Sustainability + Wellness) Team. SWell team members work to cultivate knowledge and project expertise in the areas of Healthy Materials, Wellness, and Building Science