Strada Celebrates Take Your Child to Work Day 2023

2023 Take Your Child to Work Day was a huge hit in the Strada Pittsburgh studio!  Our Happenings Team guided these future designers, soccer stars, and fashionistas through a full day of fun and learning.

Marco: Luisa had, in her words, ‘the best day ever!’  Stradistas were prepared and engaging and put together a very memorable day of activities, hands-on projects, and fun (pizza and ice cream just sealed the deal)!  What career path my daughter follows remains to be seen, but I know she would LOVE to work at a place like Strada.

Heather: Thank you ALL for putting together such a fun and thoughtful event! Cullen seriously had a great time – he loved it! He said that the studio didn’t seem like an office, it was more like a house. It speaks volumes of our culture and people that he felt so comfortable and happy. 

Sean: The energy and excitement of having the kids in the studio was awesome. It reminded me of how wonderful it is to see things through their eyes. I wish we could do it more often.

Brandi: I was worried my son would have trouble adjusting to being in our studio all day, but it was a well-programmed day that held his interest. He had so much fun that he fell asleep on the way home! 

Steve: I have fond memories of going to my parents’ offices, and I wanted to make sure we sent children home from our studio with similar memories. They didn’t all have to end the day wanting to be architects or designers, but we wanted it to be a meaningful experience. Between planned activities and events, and the great attitudes of all of our Stradistas, the whole studio was positively influenced by having the children in our space, and I know we’re all ready to do it even bigger next year.