Enhancing a brand through purpose-built destinations

Brunner, an award-winning advertising agency, sought to improve the company’s office to reflect its work styles and identity better.

The office had to remain occupied during the construction, which added another layer of creativity. The result is an ecosystem of places for work and play, solo and group activity. The most prominent change is a reworked central space near the top of the connecting stair dubbed the New Town Hall: an open area with casual group seating, high-backed individual chairs overlooking the river, and a huge island for daily communal work and nighttime beer pong. Another important intervention is the Black Box Studio, an adaptable space that can be customized for shooting video, recording sound, and more. An adjacent viewing lounge provides a comfortable place for reviewing content with clients. Down the hall, the VR Lab showcases Brunner’s explorations into virtual reality, elevating a once-under-utilized niche space to a highlight of the office tour.