Corporate house with a view

Echo Realty’s new 24,406 sq. ft. headquarters is a testament to our cross-disciplinary approach. Here, architecture, landscape, and interiors unite to craft a hybrid space that seamlessly merges the comforts of home with the functionality and flexibility demanded by this leading commercial real estate company.

Echo Realty presented us with the exciting challenge to create a place that would uplift and showcase their culture. We created the concept of a “corporate house” for their team. The former office space was split in half and too small for their needs, causing a rift in their culture. There was a desire to keep the employees together, while also providing equal access to daylight, views, and amenities.

The new headquarters is a true reflection of Echo’s “One Team” culture with comfortable workspaces for everyone, a central fireplace, deck, gym and, of course, a well-equipped large kitchen to welcome all, fostering collaboration and relaxation. Yet, well-lit workspaces, large tables for plan review, and quiet corners cater to the company’s operational needs.

Embracing the concept of a “corporate house,” we designed a space that embodies work/life balance—a central theme for Echo. A fully glazed central courtyard, crowned by a majestic tree, forms the heart of the design. Visible from every vantage point, it bathes the space in natural light and fosters a sense of connection with both the outdoors and each other. The building feels open, spacious, and inviting, with distinct program functions visually connected for a harmonious work environment.

As visitors step into the building, the courtyard extends a warm welcome, setting the tone for a dynamic and ever-changing natural feature that supports the well-being of Echo’s employees. Echo Realty’s new headquarters is not just a workspace—it’s a living, breathing embodiment of their culture, celebrating the synergy of work and life in a singular, charming space.