A Seamless Fusion of Innovation, Sophistication, and Comfort.

With a grand vision for their new Pittsburgh tech office, Sheetz hired Strada to bring their vision to life. They desired a flexible, comfortable space that conveys the Sheetz brand with sophistication.

Through an immersive design process, we delivered by seamlessly translating their big ideas into a meticulously designed, innovative, and flexible office space fit for occupants tasked with reinventing their own company in their daily operations.

The Sheetz Innovation Hub includes three office zones for Admin, Innovation, and Data departments, a central, flexible, transforming All-Hands space, an “Innovation Lab”/Maker space, and a Kitchen/Breakroom area. Strada had to think outside the box to create multi-functional spaces that could open up, close down, and function in various ways. Every detail speaks the language of innovation and sophistication. Pivoting doors with wood laminate allow spaces to open and close with ease. Sitting stairs allow for large comfortable gatherings. A large garage door separates the All-Hands meeting space from a game room. Hard corners were softened into curves to create a comforting environment that flows from one area of thinking to the next.

Bold graphics were carefully crafted by our team to reflect the essence of the Sheetz brand and inject an element of joy and vibrancy into the space. Wall treatments were custom-fabricated based on the letters in “Sheetz” to carry the branding throughout the space.