A unique gathering space inspired by the lavish art deco Mastbaum Theater

Convene Commerce Square is a testament to the fusion of timeless elegance and modern functionality. Our team took on the challenge of transforming an existing space in Philadelphia into a cutting-edge co-working environment, where the spirit of the historic Mastbaum Theater lives on.

With sustainability in mind, we carefully renovated the space, preserving its concrete floors and repurposing existing infrastructure while implementing energy-efficient systems. To enhance navigation and wayfinding, the floorplan was divided into four color-coded quadrants, ensuring seamless orientation for visitors.

Embracing the allure of backstage halls, we transformed the extensive corridors into captivating passageways. Framed views and feature vignettes were strategically placed at the end of each corridor, reminiscent of the theater’s proscenium arch, guiding users forward with intrigue.

Drawing inspiration from renowned theaters worldwide, we curated a palette of rich colors and finishes. Gold, green, blue, and red hues infuse the space with playful elegance, paying homage to both historic and contemporary theaters. To celebrate the Philadelphia community, we collaborated with local artist Nile Livingston to create four custom murals, showcasing iconic theaters and landmarks throughout the city.

Within each color-coded quadrant, you’ll discover an array of meeting rooms in various sizes, accompanied by dedicated breakout areas for dining and receptions. Nourishment bars offer a delightful culinary experience, while private phone booths provide secluded spaces for meaningful conversations.

Convene Commerce Square stands as a testament to our commitment to architectural and interior design excellence. By seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, we have created an extraordinary co-working space that inspires productivity, creativity, and connection.

*The 42,000-square-foot space was designed by Architect I.M. Pei and Strada served as Architect of Record..

This project was fundamentally about transforming an eccentric floor plate and baffling warren of spaces into a coherent landscape. Spaces are organized by color, finish treatments, and lighting. Rather than being a source of confusion, the unexpected connections that are a feature of the base building become shortcuts from one experience to another.

Chris Kenney Strada Principal