A dynamic building program seamlessly integrated with a pastoral woodland

The Dick’s Sporting Goods headquarters is a sprawling corporate campus that sits on a 116-acre site. Strada’s landscape design preserves the site’s woodland character and integrates the topography into the building’s elevation, creating a meaningful experience for employees and visitors alike.

Strada also designed large, utilitarian facilities while maintaining the campus’s overall pastoral quality. These facilities include an airstrip and hangar for the corporate fleet. The campus is designed to provide a meaningful experience for everyone who enters it, with careful attention paid to every detail – from the merchandising rooms to the executive offices and staff workspaces.

In addition, two new initiatives were designed to recycle stormwater, reflecting Strada’s commitment to sustainability. The landscaped islands in the parking lots are bioswales that filter runoff and provide passive irrigation to plantings. A rooftop cistern feeds waterfalls and pools. Rooftop rainwater is collected and stored for recirculation through the series of five waterfalls. Dick’s Sporting Goods headquarters is a testament to Strada’s ability to design spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and sustainable.