Open and flexible spaces encourage cross-disciplinary exploration

As new technologies give rise to new forms of creative expression, artistic visions are driving the development of new technologies.

The ExCITe Center is spearheading research and re-inventing education that blurs the lines between science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics, and creative expression. Our task? To create a space tailored to their unique vision – one that embodies the future of collaborative expression.

Located on the first floor of 3401 Market Street, the redesigned 13,600 sq. ft. space bears little resemblance to the dark, cubicle offices that it replaced. Instead, the vibrant new hub embraces an industrial aesthetic reminiscent of its past as a paper warehouse. Infilled bays have been replaced by soaring windows that allow abundant light and inspiring views of the street beyond. The open loft-style environment fosters inspiration and collaboration, providing a fitting backdrop for the innovative work unfolding within.

At every turn, our design solutions harmonized with ExCITe’s mission, empowering them to push creative boundaries within their space. A research center, educational program, and resource hub for the local digital creative economy, the renovated ExCITe Center houses sound stations, computer stations, meeting spaces, and the Shima Seiki Haute Technology Lab, which features Shima Seiki whole garment knitting machines.