Mel Sloan

Mel Sloan



Melanie “Mel” Sloan is a deep-thinking problem solver with an unrelenting focus on the human experience. With a background in interior and graphic design, she spans both worlds here at Strada and brings unique perspective and processes to her work as an Experience Designer.

Projects benefit from her ability to gather and synthesize soft data in early stages, translating insights into tangible concepts that fuel data-driven decision-making. She also excels at engaging her team, peers, and clients alike, to uncover opportunities and build consensus around transformative concepts. Her creativity and critical eye enhance built-environment solutions for corporate interiors, hospitality, and exhibit projects at Strada. Her dedication to the social aspects of design ensures that her project development processes are as thoughtful as the experiential environments to which she contributes.

“Design is about experience—the ones we share throughout the creative process and the ones we craft within the worlds we’re building. By focusing on the stories we tell and the relationships we foster, our designs become richly engaging.” – Mel Sloan