Megan McGee

Megan McGee



Megan is a natural leader who brings a rare combination of talents to projects—an easygoing manner, meticulous attention to detail and a high bar of precision. These qualities enable her to harvest the talents of our cross-disciplinary team members and inspire the very best from them.

Through the depth and diversity of her experience, she guides the creation of transformative places while anticipating potential pitfalls and keeping projects running smoothly. Megan’s facility with custom detailing through construction administration makes her an invaluable team leader for clients navigating a project.

“Design is about sensitivity. Responding to the client’s needs is step one, but evaluating social, environmental, and emotional impacts is also a key part of the work. It’s extremely empowering to understand that by creating a space, I am affecting a person’s experience in some way, and, with each project, I have the potential to carve a place in their memory.” – Megan