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Strada means “street” in Italian. Streets matter to us. They’re the fundamental infrastructure of our cities and the core of our civic lives. They’re the connections between buildings, people, and public spaces. This is why we’re so inspired by them and it’s a shared commitment to these values that brought our principals together. Just as people mingle on city streets, our office is a place where we freely exchange ideas, challenging and inspiring one another to create exceptional work.

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Strada Welcomes Terrie Brightman, Landscape Architect


“Terrie brings exceptional landscape design and delivery to Strada’s team of professionals,” said Alan Cuteri, Founding Principal and Higher Education Principal. “The talent and experience that she brings will be a huge asset to our clients.”




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Project: UIL Energize CT Center Exhibit

Energy touches every aspect of our lives from public health to national security. With more things to plug in, demand for electricity is rising. And it is up to all of us to find ways to use less, use resources wisely, and lower our environmental impact. At the Energize CT Center, visitors of all a ...

Project: Schenley Apartments

An isosceles triangle in plan, the monumental Schenley High School opened in 1916 at the edge of the Oakland neighborhood and was the first high school in the United States to cost more than one million dollars to build. The school functioned for nearly a century until closed down by the public sc ...

Project: Drury Hotel

About this project The Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh inhabits a structure that is a wonder of both Art Deco design and mid-century gravitas. Formerly the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank, it has been reborn as a family-friendly hotel that highlights and preserves the historic structure’s ...

Blog Post: Strada’s Newest Creative Mind

Last month, we welcomed an extraordinary architectural designer, Timothy “Timo” Ong to our team. Not only has he hit the ground running with projects and proposals, but he does so with a spirited energy, air of positivity, and always with a smile on his face. Timo’s experience and passion for design excellence perfectly complements our ...

Blog Post: 6 Signs Your Office Needs a Refresh

When was the last time you refreshed your office, academic, or social space? If the answer is 10 years or more, it’s definitely time to consider making updates. Maintaining a workplace that is relevant and performative is critical to keeping a sharp competitive edge. It also helps recruit and retain the best talent while improving ...

Blog Post: Strada Welcomes a New Marketing Manager, Rhonda L. Bolding, CPSM

Strada is delighted to welcome Rhonda L. Bolding, CPSM to the firm’s talented and innovative team as our new Marketing Manager. Bolding will manage firm-wide marketing and public relations activities to support the strategic goals and vision of Strada, and to enhance their competitive position. Bolding’s focus will include local and regional markets as well ...

Dawn Peterson

Dawn Peterson has 26 years of experience in interior design, construction, and programming. She is accomplished in designing spaces for higher education and corporate workplaces. Prior to joining Strada, she worked for well-known firms such as NBBJ Interiors and Design Collaborative Architects. D ...

Blog Post: Meet Our 2017 Summer Interns

Every year, Strada welcomes several interns into our offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. They use this time as a break from school and a peek into their post-college careers, assisting the full-time project teams with creating exceptional spaces and places. We asked our interns to answer a few questions about their experience at Strada thus ...

Project: Penn at Walnut on Highland

About this project The Penn at Walnut on Highland is a six-story mixed-use building perched on a primary corner of East Liberty, a historic and dynamic commercial center within Pittsburgh. The building’s common spaces welcome residents as they arrive home, with living areas, a kitchen, and a TV lo ...

Project: Humane Animal Rescue

About this project Creating a new home base to suit the needs of this longtime member of the Homewood community was the heart of this project. After reviewing several sites, the Humane Animal Rescue (formerly known as the Animal Rescue League) of Pittsburgh chose to build its new facility a few bloc ...

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