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Strada means “street” in Italian. Streets matter to us. They’re the fundamental infrastructure of our cities and the core of our civic lives. They’re the connections between buildings, people, and public spaces. This is why we’re so inspired by them and it’s a shared commitment to these values that brought our principals together. Just as people mingle on city streets, our office is a place where we freely exchange ideas, challenging and inspiring one another to create exceptional work.

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20 years of Designing with People In Mind


Strada celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 1, 2020. This milestone is marked with some exciting news for the evolution of our firm.




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New multi-unit, multi-functional space for the Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers Residence is a new communal living residence for 14 Brothers on the La Salle University campus. The initial design was beyond the school’s budget. Working with the University’s CM, Strada re-oriented the plan with a central courtyard configuration to bring the project into budget, saving more than $1,500,000 without sacrificing program. The resulting design is a stick-built one-story building with a central Great Hall to provide bright, comfortable living and dining in a vaulted space with exposed wood trusses. Beyond the great hall, a landscaped internal courtyard contains a small chapel for daily worship. The architectural design reflects the Brothers’ unpretentious aesthetic values, mixing exterior stucco with wood siding accents.

Cathedral Campus

Wheeling, WV

Bakery Living I and II

Bakery Square, Pittsburgh

Blackbird Artists’ Lofts

Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh