Thomas H. Price

Thomas H. Price



A part of Strada since the firm’s inception, Tom has played a major role as a leader and as a hands-on designer of projects. As an associate and now a principal, Tom has played a vital role in shaping the firm’s culture, philosophy and practice. He combines his skills as a designer and collaborator to help clients address the complexities inherent in every project.

While Tom’s work ethic is unmatched, his fun-loving nature is never far away. He is often the initiator of such activities as an office lunch or after-work session at one of the great spots along Pittsburgh’s Penn Avenue.

Tom is particularly interested in urban mixed-use projects and exploring ways to seamlessly integrate complex buildings into the dense and diverse fabric of cities. During his years at Strada, Tom has been instrumental as a project architect for urban projects such as the remaking of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Lazarus Department Store into the mixed-use Piatt Place and the Del Monte office building on the North Shore. He has directed multiple office projects in Pittsburgh’s Bakery Square over the last several years including the UPMC Technology Development Center and over 100,000 SF of office space for Google. He also played a role in the Bakery Square 2.0 Master Plan, which is directing the current growth of this neighborhood. At present, Tom is managing new construction projects such as the Evansdale Crossing building at West Virginia University and a new mixed-use residential building in Pittsburgh.