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Strada means “street” in Italian. Streets matter to us. They’re the fundamental infrastructure of our cities and the core of our civic lives. They’re the connections between buildings, people, and public spaces. This is why we’re so inspired by them and it’s a shared commitment to these values that brought our principals together. Just as people mingle on city streets, our office is a place where we freely exchange ideas, challenging and inspiring one another to create exceptional work.

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Collectively, the design and construction industry has risen to the challenge and we’re diligently doing our part in reducing the amount of waste generated, however statistics don’t lie… We still have a long way to go!




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Suite 700
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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325 Chestnut Street
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Philadelphia, PA 19106

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Projects Work

Brunner Offices

Pittsburgh, PA


Navy Yard, Philadelphia, PA

Media Innovation Center

West Virginia University

Humane Animal Rescue

Pittsburgh, PA

North Shore Place

Pittsburgh, PA

Truefit in the Union Trust Building

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Cathedral Campus

Wheeling, WV

Cardinal Hotel at the R.J. Reynolds Building

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Invisible Sentinel

Philadelphia, PA

Bakery Office Two

Pittsburgh, PA

Dollar Bank on Fourth Avenue

Downtown Pittsburgh

REC333 at Penn Center East

Wilkins Township, PA

The Alexis and Jim Pugh Media Lab

West Virginia University

The Creative Café @ Replica

Philadelphia, PA


Philadelphia, PA

Nova Place Master Plan

Pittsburgh, PA

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Coraopolis, PA

Department of Making + Doing

Philadelphia, PA

Weavers Way Co-op, Mt. Airy

Philadelphia, PA

The Webb Law Firm

Pittsburgh, PA

Del Monte Center

North Shore, Pittsburgh

Friends Center Renovation

Philadelphia, PA

Google Pittsburgh

Bakery Square, Pittsburgh

Energy Plus Headquarters

Philadelphia, PA

Equitable Resources

North Shore, Pittsburgh

CBRE Offices

Pittsburgh, PA

Center for Bioimage Informatics

Carnegie Mellon University

LandAmerica Centre

Washington, PA

Center for Bioelectrics

Old Dominion University

Mixed-Use Expansion at 3711 Market Street

University City Science Center

Fifth and Market Master Plan

Downtown Pittsburgh

Dunning Coaching Center

University of Pennsylvania

University Conference Center

Old Dominion University

Global Soft Landing Labs

University City Science Center