Joanna Grace Berchielli

Joanna Grace Berchielli



Joanna “Jo” Berchielli has 7 years of experience designing, articulating, and styling spaces. She began her career in the writing and fashion world, which developed into a passion for architectural design in the global and holistic sense.

Prior to joining Strada, Jo seized on her background in journalism and fashion to work for Giorgio Armani, where she learned in-house how international fashion brands tell their stories through design.

After completing her Masters, she ventured into the corporate design world as an interior designer. Jo now focuses on designing higher education facilities, hospitality venues, and corporate office spaces.

“Great design must not merely respond to human behavior; it must predict it. Human needs are vast and ever-evolving. In order to design spaces that remain dynamic and last the test of time; design must seek to solve current functional problems, as well as allow for future adaptation.” – Joanna Berchielli