Eric Phillips

Eric Phillips



Eric Phillips has more than 11 years of design experience that have been further enriched with his steadfast community engagement. In between working on retail, education, and healthcare projects, Eric also devotes time to community design charrettes, participating in design juries, and collaborating on projects for charity.

At Strada, Eric brings his design sense and broad perspective to a multitude of project types. Outside of the office, he plays in the Pittsburgh Architecture Softball League, honing his collaborative and athletic skills, and training for races such as the Pittsburgh Marathon. With his proactive attitude, knack for problem-solving, and eye for quality design, Eric is a valuable addition to Strada’s project teams.

“My motivation comes from leading and engaging with our talented project teams. The challenge for successful projects is to tap into each of our individual passions and unique skill sets. When these and clients’ needs come together, Strada creates the diverse and beautiful spaces that we are known for.” – Eric