Using Technology

Our state-of-the-art systems allow us to work in three dimensions so we can visualize and document a project every step of the way and bring our clients directly into the design process.

BIM model

Building Information Modeling

We are experts in BIM, which we have used for over a decade since the firm was founded. Since BIM is an evolving technology, we are always expanding our knowledge of the software and its capabilities.

Through these digital models, our design teams can easily study the relationship between the large and small elements of each structure and integrate the work of our consulting engineers. We also use BIM models throughout the design process to directly solicit and incorporate client feedback, and to visualize the end results through intermediate and final renderings and document packages for projects of any scale.

BIM also supports the construction team in developing project cost analysis, project scheduling, and implementation strategies. This results in lower construction costs and shorter construction times — savings that we pass onto the owner.


We use BIM software called ArchiCad® to coordinate our design and production. The first BIM software ever developed, ArchiCad® is a fully integrated three-dimensional modeling and database software package.